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Olá! Hallo! Hola! Salut! Merhaba! Ciao! مَرْحَبًا‎! नमस्ते!

Oh, I mean…hi!

I’m Maria and I’m from Portugal. Just like you, I’m a polyglot in the making. I love languages so much, I’ve made it my mission to always learn more of them!

If you’re anything like me, you love learning for the sake of learning. You probably talk about language way too much and way too enthusiastically for others to handle, your music playlists may or may not be organized by language rather than genre, and well…Google Translate makes your eye twitch.

Finally, your dream is to speak multiple languages fluently.

The problem is…courage isn’t always on your side.

Time isn’t always on your side.

Your mood isn’t always on your side.

Because, you know. We’re all human. (Unless you’re not. In that case, pics or didn’t happen. Oh, and please teach me your intergalactic language.)

Here’s why I’ve started this blog.

As a former English and Portuguese teacher, I spent perhaps 50% of my time teaching and 50% of my time supporting my students emotionally. I’ve had students cry in class countless times, I’ve given dozens of hugs and listened to them carefully, only to realize their problem was not unique.

There are hundreds and hundreds of people around the world experiencing the same: lack of motivation, insecurities, past trauma, inability to relax, performance anxiety, huge overwhelm, and the list goes on.

If you’re learning languages, you might have found yourself in one of the following situations (or several, let’s face it):

  • You find yourself overwhelmed and buried in language materials you never use.
  • You lack consistency and have created at least 20 different study schedules…that ended up not working (guilty!).
  • You’re afraid of sounding absolutely ridiculous.
  • You go completely blank when talking with a native speaker.
  • Native speakers don’t take you seriously and insist on responding in English.
  • You’re frustrated by how damn long it takes to express yourself like an actual adult with opinions, not a cute child.
  • You’re convinced you’re too goddamn unmotivated, unorganized or overwhelmed to be successful.
  • Your language level has plateaued…and now you’re starting to lose your mojo!
  • You’re currently struggling with depression and anxiety, but still want to learn a language…even when you can’t seem to get out of bed.

I get it. I’m glad you came.

What you need is a warm, welcoming, absolutely imperfect – but positive! – sidekick who will pull you up, dust you off, get you back on track and help you master your favorite language(s)…even if your mood, schedule and motivation seem to be working against you! Because guess what – I still feel lazy, overwhelmed or anxious sometimes. But we’re all here to learn and have some fun, right?

I invite you to travel my blog if you want to learn more about my personal tricks, my favorite languages and amazing curiosities about languages from around the world. I love sharing resources, music and other wonders to make your language learning journey more about passion and less about self-punishment!

ALRIGHT, ENOUGH TALK ALREADY. Move that beautiful tushie, put your polyglot hats on and let’s get going!