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40 alternative Latin American songs that’ll add sweet variety to your playlist

November 20, 2019

Once upon a time, I was ignorant and had no idea Latin America produced amazing rock music. Then, I got my mind blown.

Latin America gave us with tango, cha-cha-cha, rumba, merengue, cumbia, the catchy sound of the mariachi and the relaxing tunes of bossa nova. Still, there’s much more to Latin music that goes unnoticed internationally!

Her’s a list of 40 alternative Latin American songs that I listen to on the regular. I also asked you for suggestions and many of them can be found on this list (thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ve written your names at the end of this post). Now, enough talk. Happy listening!

1. Amanitas – Me Desvelo (“I reveal myself”, Chile)

2. Anacrônica – É Mentira (“It’s a lie”, Brazil)

3. Biquini Cavadão – Vento Ventania (“Wind gale”, Brazil)

4. Cabro Homer – La Voz del Pueblo (“The voice of the people”, Chile)

5. Caloncho – Palmar (“To the sea/beach”*, Mexico)

Note: The expression “pal mar” (“to the sea”, as in, “let’s go to the beach”) is here shortened even further to “palmar“.

6. Charliepapa – Párpados (“Eye lids”, Venezuela)

7. Comma – Autossabotagem (“Self-sabotage”, Brazil)

8. Da Pawn – Cambio de Tonalidad (“Change of tone”, Ecuador)

9. DLD – Arsénico (“Arsenic”, Mexico)

10. Durazno – Camisa de Rayas (“Striped shirt”, Colombia)

11. Efecto Mandarina – Ódiame (“Hate me”, Bolivia)

12. Efecto Mandarina – Ningún Vals (“No waltz”, Bolivia)

13. Eleonore – Ni Tú Ni Yo (“Neither you nor I”, Nicaragua)

14. El Sol Caracol – El Fantasma (“The ghost”, Honduras)

15. Gandhi – El Invisible (“The invisible”, Costa Rica)

16. Garcín – Beso Abierto (“Open kiss”, Nicaragua)

17. Kchiporros – Cada Día (“Each day”, Paraguay)

18. Libído – Frágil (“Fragile”, Perú)

19. Lagum – A Gente Nunca Conversou (“We never talked”, Brazil)

20. La Nuestra feat. Chirola – Pegaria (“I would get”, Paraguay)

21. La Trampa – Caída Libre (“Free fall”, Uruguay)

22. La Vida Bohème – El Buen Salvaje (“The good savage”, Venezuela)

23. Los Bunkers – Bailando Solo (“Dancing alone”, Chile)

24. Los Hermanos – Todo Carnaval Tem Seu Fim (“Every Carnival has its ending”, Brazil)

25. Los Mesoneros – Dime Como Tú Quieras (“Tell me how you want it”, Venezuela)

26. Los Mesoneros – Te Lo Advertí (“I warned you”, Venezuela)

27. Milly Majuc – Yo Soy (“I am”, Nicaragua)

28. Once Tiros – Que Sería de Mi (“What would be of me”, Uruguay)

29. Pedro Suárez-Vértiz – Un Vino, Una Cerveza (“A wine, a beer”, Perú)

30. Pez Luna – Apaga la Luz (“Turn off the light”, Honduras)

31. Pitty – Admirável Chip Novo (“Admirable new chip”*, Brazil)

* The book “Brave new world” was translated into the Portuguese language as “Admirável mundo novo” (literally “admirable new world”). This song creates a wordplay with that title.

32. Skank – Resposta (“Reply”, Brazil)

33. Soda Stereo – De Música Ligera (“Of light music”, Argentina)

34. Suite Doble – Profanar (“Desecrate”, Costa Rica)

35. Superlitio – Sexo con Amor (“Sex with love”, Colombia)

36. Technicolor Fabrics – Tiernos (“Tender”, Mexico)

37. Tourista – Explotar Contigo (“Exploding with you”, Perú)

38. Una Vida – Lo Bueno de lo Malo (“The good of the bad”, Ecuador)

39. Villagran Bolaños – El Ritmo Subtropical (“The subtropical rhythm”, Paraguay)

40. Villagran Bolaños – Vibración (“Vibration”, Paraguay)

Wow, that was quite a ride! Were you aware of how mind-blowing alternative music was in these Latin American countries? My hair is still going round and round.

My music playlists wouldn’t be this rich without your suggestions on Twitter. I’ve asked for your input many times in the past! Even if I haven’t included all of your recommendations in this blog post, you’ve still given me many wonderful songs to obsess over…and listen to repeatedly!

So thank you:

  • Ronald @sonaldxp
  • Anrric @sempdrive
  • Asdrúbal Iván @asdrubalivan
  • Robert Heslop @robertheslop_91
  • LD @ldbastidas
  • B.B. @BEBay25
  • Meche @yosoymechita
  • The ALErt Marketer @ALErtMarketer
  • ly. @Fabregatt_
  • Selenophile @NubeDeAgua80
  • Janric Altuve @JanricAltuve
  • Sindy Ochoa @Siinsama
  • Alex(Lucely) Ramirez @lucely_
  • MARIANY VALERA @MarianyValera
  • Juan Carlos Sanchez @elmocho
  • Rossy León @rosselynalm
  • Mauro Suarez @mauro_suarez
  • Luis Velásquez @LuchoIdiomas
  • Claudia @ccontente
  • Venezuelanita @venezuelanita
  • Jonathan Martínez @jonathanenlared
  • Lusmariel Lazar @Lusmita_lazar

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